Top 5 Things to Look out for as a Leader.(hint- you’re probably working too hard)

    1. Be careful of your choices. As the leader, you need to be aware that everything you do is monitored and evaluated. What you do or say can have a larger impact than you realize.good-choice-sign
    2. Stop trying to manage all of the details in your organization. It’s an almost impossible task yet people still try. If you try to manage everything going on chances are you have so much on your plate that you’re doing everything in a reactionary manner. This means you are spending less time on future strategies and less
    3. Being too much of a micromanager. If your team is filled with capable people, let them do their jobs. If someone is not hitting their goals than discuss things with them but don’t hover over them or they will lose focus.micromanager
    4. Try to be proactive in problem solving. Brainstorm and forecast future issues that may arise so that you’re ready for them when they occur.qm4435376818
    5. If your team is having problems getting results, look into why they are having difficulty not just how to fix it. Sometimes the difficulty

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