Are your salespeople stuck in the COMFORT ZONE??

Time to get out of the comfort zone?

Where are your salespeople on the chart?

  1. Comfort Zone  –  Salespeople feel safe and in control.  They like things the ‘way they are’.  Will do what they have been doing because they know what that is and don’t like change.

* Result – Your salesperson in this category will do what they know and because of that, you can not change goals, territory, commissions

rules, etc without a real strong pushback from them.


2. Fear Zone – Salespeople in this zone will sell from a place of fear. They will not do things differently, new or take any sort of risk.

* Result – This salesperson will go along with others and be fearful of taking any risk, large or small. Excuses will be rampant here to

protect the fear of change. Trying something new will be difficult for this person as well.


3. Learning Zone – This salesperson will deal with challenges, maybe with some initial hesitation. This salesperson has the ability to take on

challenges and incorporate them.

* Results – this salesperson will learn new skills, be open to coaching and take on challenges with an open mind. They are trainable and

coachable which is a necessity for growth.


4. Growth Zone –  A salesperson in the growth zone truly wants success and will do whatever it takes to get it. This is a motivated

salesperson and will work to their maximum ability to reach success.

* Result – This salesperson will attack goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. There will be no excuses, just wants to know-how.

and will take your coaching to reach the pinnacle. This person will be a superstar with the right coaching.

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