02. GretaNomics – Goals-3 A’s

Do you have straight A’s in sales?? Are you doing the 3 things that it takes to be successful? Check this out and see. Does your sales manager ask you for these things? Not Getting GretaNomics Tips? Get em now…They’re free!

03. GretaNomics – Networking / Power Prospecting

LIKE THESE? WANT MORE? SIGN IN HERE!! “I am writing because we have entered into a training program for our team to increase sales through “giving”. We are General Contractor’s who specialize in building Automotive Dealerships. In the past 22 years we have built over 200 dealerships and decided to train all our Executives, Project […]

07. GretaNomics – Cold calling the RIGHT way! mngt

Cold calling is very different today! In the long run, you need to work your salespeople out if the cold calling grind and into referral based selling. BUT until then…here is how to do it best! LIKE THESE? WANT MORE? SIGN IN HERE!!